The African Review of Economics and Finance (AREF) Consult is a world class research, training and consultancy network of great minds dedicated to offering alternative pathways to economic development. The network provides independent and comprehensive analyses of political, social and economic conditions in Africa and beyond with the view to proffering timely and workable solutions that transcend initial conditions. This is done through critical insight and expert advice based on scrutiny of empirical evidence, rigorous analysis, and conceptual synthesis in the key areas of economics as an interdisciplinary subject.

AREF Consult has a decade experience in research, training and consultancy. The network provides a full range of services, and empowers our clients to make informed business decisions. The main focus of AREF Consult is three fold: training, research and consultancy.

The training programme provides statistical, econometric and forecasting tools and courses to help professionals, academics and students to grow and develop their existing skills and keep-up with the latest theoretical and empirical knowledge in the fields of statistics and econometrics.

The research endeavor seeks to provide a platform for the dissemination of cutting edge academic and policy research on topical matters of concern to humanity on planet earth?.

The consultancy work bridges the gap between theory and evidence, academia and industry and offers the best solutions to contemporary and age old problems using unconventional and imaginative pathways.

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