A company's ability to raise capital quickly and effectively is integral to its growth potential and financial well-being. This is true in both good and bad times And it applies to countries and individuals too. More so, this principle applies to individuals and nations at large.

Whatever the motivation for raising capital may be, access to new funds requires critical thinking. AREF Consult's finance and investment team of experts specialize in advising companies on fundraising (debt versus equity, IPOs, right issue, private placement and the operations of capital markets).

We provide economic and financial consulting and expert testimony to banks, insurance companies, payment card companies, pension funds, and investment firms. Our work involves the analysis of various financial instruments and markets, including portfolio formation and management, and a variety of structured instruments. Our staff and affiliates are well endowed with expert knowledge about the structure and workings of private equity and venture capital firms and hedge funds.

Governments are steadily spearheading unprecedented levels of investment in infrastructure. This has given way to substantial opportunity to provide services required to successfully lead and conclude vast capital programmes such as: strategic portfolio and programme management, infrastructure monitoring and reporting and other related advisory services. Our team of experts specialise in various project finance initiatives, and regularly advise on the mechanics of funding large scale infrastructure projects such as water, electricity, roads and dams.

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