The research endeavours of AREF Consult seeks to enlarge and deepen the state of academic and policy relevant research to feed into the African renaissance agenda to bring about faster transformation. in Africa and other developing regions, and more importantly to understand the interconnectedness of the different economic, social, political systems.

The network provides a platform for encouraging global multidisciplinary research through collaborations. Further, AREF Consult enables unconventional research that finds roadblocks in traditional journals to be aired. The Consult publishes three top academic journals: the African Review of Economics and Finance, the Ghanaian Journal of Economics and the African Journal of Political Economy and Development. The overriding interest is to use these journals as vehicles for engaging adequately on issues pertinent to Africa’s development while providing a strong basis for rigorous peer reviewed research. A key point of the research done at AREF Consult is the Annual African Review of Economics and Finance Conference. This forum brings together experienced and young researchers to deliberate on critical matters of development and provide opportunities for networking.

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