The Public Sector Finance unit of AREF Consult specializes in delivering state of the art advice to public sector institutions to enable them improve efficiency, transparency and fiscal positions to enable them deliver value for public funds. The main thrust of AREF Consult in this area is to provide sound analysis to policy makers on debt and unbalanced fiscal positions, market failures, social safety net programmes and resource mobilization.

AREF Consult works with finance ministries and departments, government lenders, public pension funds, tax administrators, central banks and regulatory bodies, by helping them make decisions involving taxation, privatisation and regulated industries. The team of experts - many of whom have held positions in government and academia - have years of experience advising on concrete, economically defensible and workable solutions for resolving competing considerations. The work in public sector finance covers a wide range of topics, from examining macroeconomic trends and performing expenditure analysis, to assessing and quantifying risk, improving performance of public enterprises, tax administration and reforms, public debt management and revenue and expenditure forecasts.

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