Within the field of energy, environment and resource economics, AREF Consult provides timely and professionally sound solutions to various sectors. Oil, gas and petrochemical companies in Africa are looking for solutions to help them address their current needs. Simultaneously, local people and state governments require the rents from natural resources to be used for socially efficient local economic development.

AREF Consult helps clients such as local government bodies both in meeting their near-term performance challenges and in devising strategies to succeed in today's complicated world. We strive to defend local communities in their dealings with the world's most important oil companies in Africa. Our work focuses on advising governments and national oil companies, petrochemical producers, oil field service firms, private equity investors and sovereign wealth funds and renewable energy companies on a variety of issues: midstream and upstream exploration and production, refining and marketing.

Our environmental economics group offers expert services in the fields of climate change, air quality, water quality, and other environmental, health, and safety areas. We have particular expertise in assisting clients with environmental strategy, and compliance. Using sophisticated proprietary and non-proprietary economic models as well as a bespoke of property rights approaches, our experts have evaluated a wide variety of environmental policies and projects with bearing on peak oil and alternative energy resources. We also have extensive experience in evaluating the economic impacts of a wide variety of government policies and infrastructural investments.

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