Mr. Albert Duodu
Alfa room 4025, Tycho Brahes vag, 223 63, Lund, Sweden
Tel: +46760792939
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Current Position
  • Research Associate And Consultant - AREFC

Albert Duodu is a PhD candidate at Lund University School of Economics and Management. He holds BA. Economics from the University of Ghana, Legon and Msc. Economics from the Lund University, Sweden - where he currently teaches Econometrics, Trade theory and International Economics at both intermediate and advance level.

Albert is generally interested in applied econometrics and data science. His academic research is at the intersection of Trade, Labour and Environment. Specifically, his research focuses on three major themes. The first crafts new tools that policymakers can use to better understand the nexus between trade and the environment. The second develops testable econometric models aimed at conceptualizing and explaining the channels through which international trade affects the environment. The third appeals to climate econometrics and structural modelling of firms and their incentives to offshore pollution given the existence of environmental policy arbitrage.

Prior to working at Lund university as a researcher, Albert served as a teaching and research assistant at the Department of Economics at both University of Ghana and Lund University. He was also instumental at Lund University International student office, where he served as an international student mentor, and international student ambassador and blogger. In 2019, Albert represented Lund University in the famous World Econometrics Game, held in Amsterdam, Netherland. His future work seeks to provide logically consistent, theoretically robust policy relevant scholarly works in Trade, Labour and Environment while achieving methodological rigor at the same time.

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