Dr. Audrey Nguema Bekale

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Email: nguema.ba@gmail.com
Current Position
  • Principal Consultant - AREFC

Audrey Nguema Bekale is a finance expert and holds a PhD from Wits Business School, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. In 2015, he obtained a Master's degree in Business Management at the University of South Africa, specializing in Finance, Risk Management and Banking, following his undergraduate studies in Accounting. His scientific concerns have been on Africa's emancipation through up to date knowledge backed by sound research. Therefore, his research focuses on economic transformation in Africa harnessing derivatives markets, the dynamization of capital markets and related development push for continental integration.

He has authored very impactful articles and working papers, especially focusing on "Institutionalisation of Derivatives Trading and Economic Growth: Evidence from South Africa", a Working paper in Economic Research Southern Africa. He has consulting experience in finance and investment risk in African markets and how to mitigate and hedge them. Through AREF Consult, he has offered significant input into national and international risk management, regulation of financial institutions and efficient and equitable utilization of Africa's vast wealth endowment. In his recently completed doctoral studies, Audrey's intellectual curiousty analysed the implications of using derivatives in the banking industry, particularly on their influence on bank efficiency and stability, thereby advancing reliable market-based mechanisms for improved economic prospects and strengthened financial stability conditions among African economies.

In collaboration with Professor Imhotep Alagidede, he has launched a new area of research into indigenous knowledge and its importance in the re-awkening of humanity to its true potential. In a joint article with Imhotep, he underlined the potential of restoring Africa's lost religious identity and spirituality as a mainspring of authentic economic development across African nations. He is a research fellow at the Institute for Intelligence Intelligence and an advanced student of the Nile Valley Multiversity, studying the science of self mastery.

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