Prof. Imhotep Paul Alagidede
P.O.Box 71 Wits, 2050
Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +277 817 81310
Current Position
  • Executive Director - AREFC
  • Emeritus Editor-in-Chief - AREF

Imhotep is a metaeconomist and a transdisciplinary scholar with an avid interest in the noumena behind phenomena. He is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, an accomplished academic, a seasoned consultant, and policymaker. His extensive academic and professional career has taken him to six continents, and his works on mainstream economics has appeared in top-tier international peer-reviewed journals.

As a consultant, Imhotep has contributed to the enrichment of our understanding of the optimal provision of local and global public goods. He has provided research and policy inputs to national and international frameworks aimed at improving welfare.

Professor Imhotep Paul Alagidede received his pre-university education in Navrongo in the Upper East Region; Bachelor's degree in Economics and History from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana; Master of Science degree in Economics and Finance from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, and Ph.D. in Economics from the same university.

The research interest of Imhotep is tilted towards a synthesis of the thesis and the antithesis in all disciplines. His most recent research looks at the role of indigenous technologies for wealth creation, healing, and knowledge accumulation. He is interested in finding a balance between the modern and the ancient; the known and the unknown.

Imhotep is the founder and Chancellor of the Nile Valley Multiversity, the Executive Director of the African Review of Economics and Finance Consult (AREF Consult), and the Grand Editor of the multidimensional publication, the Journal of Indigenous and Shamanic Studies. He is Emeritus Editor-in-Chief of the African Review of Economics and Finance journal and a past Academic Director of the Wits Business School where he currently holds the post of Professor of Finance.

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