Dr. Tamara Mughogho
The Commonwealth Secretariat, London
Email: tamaramughogho@gmail.com
Current Position
  • Principal Consultant - AREFC

Tamara Mughogho is an Economic Advisor at the Commonwealth Secretariat, where she works in the Economic, Youth, and Social Development Directorate. Tamara’s work at the Commonwealth Secretariat involves providing advice to Commonwealth Member states on debt and aid, issues about financing for development, and conducting research on topical policy matters.

Her works in research, advisory, and consultancy have taken her to Malawi, Kenya, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. From the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development in Malawi, to the World Bank’s Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment divisions, and the South African National Treasury, Tamara has contributed to the formulation of both domestic and international economic policy. She is a highly motivated economist with over ten years of combined experience from the national government, academia, and international organizations. Driven by a strong passion for excellence and dedicated to seeing improvement in the developing world, Tamara has devoted her attention to monitoring international economic developments, participating in the consultations, and drafting national economic interventions. She has excellent research publications in top economics journals, and she is a leader in modelling and quantitative analysis. Her research interests include gender economics, labour economics, international finance, and development finance.

Tamara holds a Ph.D. in Economics obtained from the University of the Witwatersrand. Her doctoral thesis examined the macroeconomic effects of capital account liberalization in sub-Saharan African countries. Tamara is also a holder of a Master of Arts Degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Social Science (Economics) degree obtained from the University of Malawi.

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