Prof. Theodore Panagiotidis
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki
Current Position
  • Senior Principal Consultant - AREFC

Theodore Panagiotidis is a Professor in the Department of Economics, University of Macedonia. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield. He is an academic and a consultant with an international reputation. He has held academic positions at Brunel University, Loughborough University, University of Sheffield, Open University of the UK, Queen Mary University of London. Apart from his regular academic teaching and research, Theo has had visiting positions at the Hellenic Observatory at the London School of Economics, Bank of Estonia, and the Bank of Lithuania.

He has worked for the European Commission. He serves in the editorial boards of Journal of Economics and Finance, Economics and Business Letters, International; Review of Financial Studies, African Review Economics and Finance. He has published more than 70 articles in refereed journals including Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Economic Inquiry, Oxford Economic Papers, Journal of Forecasting, Journal of International Money and Finance, Economics Letters, Journal of Futures Markets, Macroeconomic Dynamics and Energy Economics.

He has more than 2000 citations. Theo's consulting and research interest covers diverse fields such as oil and gas markets, export-growth relationships, the modelling and behavior of emerging asset returns, exchange rate volatility, precious metals, and real estate markets. Theo has an avid interest in teaching macro econometrics, time series analysis, and forecasting.

He is a Fellow of the Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis, and he has been the recipient of several high profile research grants from the ESRC, the National Science Foundation, among other grant-awarding bodies.

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